Stuck potty-mouthed parrot swears at rescuers

A potty-mouthed parrot flipped firefighters the bird because they attempted to save it after it got stuck on the roof for 3 days.

The macaw parrot – passionately referred to as Jessie – steered clear of her home in north London and spent 72 hours on the neighbour’s roof.

Her owner and also the RSPCA were not able to lure your pet lower, so firefighters were known as to Cuckoo Hall Lane in Edmonton.

“Jessie have been on a single roof for 3 days there were concerns that they might be hurt and that’s why she had not come lower,” stated watch manager Chris Swallow.

“Our crew manager was the willing volunteer who went to an advaced status to bring Jessie lower. I was told that to bond using the parrot, you need to let her know ‘I love you’, which is what the crew manager did.

“While Jessie responded ‘I love you’ back, then we learned that she’d a foul mouth and stored swearing, much to the amusement.”

Jessie is reported to possess told the firefighters to “f*** off” before flying off and away to another rooftop.

Mr Swallow stated the parrot also spoke Turkish and Greek – so that they attempted declaring that to “come” both in languages before she travelled off.

“Thankfully it soon grew to become apparent that Jessie was fine and uninjured as she travelled off and away to another roof after which to some tree,” he stated.

Jessie was later reunited together with her owner.

Mr Swallow stated: “Just like this incident, the RSPCA ought to be contacted first and foremost and we’d always urge individuals to perform the same when they see a pet stuck or perhaps in distress.

“When the RSPCA require our assistance, they’ll call we and us are pleased to help with this specialist equipment.”

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