Stop having sex in heatwave, Colombians told

Locals inside a city around the coast of Colombia happen to be told to prevent getting sex to make sure they stay awesome throughout a scorching 40C (104F) heatwave.

Julio Salas – the secretary of Santa Marta – was met with laughter and disbelief as he issued the novel advice, that they listed alongside other tips like putting on loose clothing and consuming lots of water.

Based on national news website El Heraldo, Mr Salas stated he thought staying away from sex was logical – in the same manner people wouldn’t be a part of strenuous exercise in cause problems.

Image: Temperatures have hit 40C in Santa Marta

The American Heart Association views sex a “moderate exercise”, meaning it puts because stress around the heart as walking up two flights of stairs.

Mr Salas stated if people discover it an excessive amount of challenging to refrain from sex, they should a minimum of hold back until the sun’s rays goes lower as “it is best to get it done during the night once the ambient temperatures are lower”.

But he added: “For those who have a great ac, there’s not a problem.”

Santa Marta is one thing of the tourist paradise, nevertheless its medical facilities have lately been at a loss for the amount of people complaining of heatstroke signs and symptoms, including nausea and headaches.

Climate is likely to hover well above 30C (86F) for that near future.

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