‘Drug boss’ had weight loss surgery to evade capture

The alleged boss of the well known Mexican drug gang continues to be arrested despite getting hair implants and bariatric surgery to evade capture.

“El Betito” – the suspected mind of Mexico City’s Tepito Union gang – was arrested within the the west from the sprawling city, stated national security commissioner Renato Sales.

He’d lost about 4st 10lbs (30kg) through gastric band surgery to lessen how big his stomach.

Police photos show the 37-year-old searching significantly more slimline, bearded, with a larger mind of hair.

Local media reported his real name as Roberto Moyado Esparza.

Image: Previous police pictures show the suspect with a fuller face and double chin

He was arrested within the Rincón del Pedregal neighborhood transporting $10,000 (£7,825), drugs along with a hand gun.

His brother, who had been apparently guarding him, seemed to be arrested.

He’s charged with to be the boss of the very most well known drug gang within the Mexican capital and it is being investigated over various murders.

The Tepito Union gang is stated to engage in drugs, kidnappings, extortion and weapons, and got its name from Mexico City’s gritty Tepito neighbourhood.

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